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Little Lamb's 10 Second Scrolling News... Today, 

Preschool Calendar & Info

2018-2019 Class Calendar

Our Preschool Year Runs September 4, 2018 to May 24, 2019
followed by Summer Camp: June - August.

         * 2018 *


Little Lambs is
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new Students
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 June 19-Aug 8  Summer Camp 2018..

 August 29th

 Preschool Orientation  School Tours Available
 6:30 pm - 7:15 pm      Call 473-4848

 September 4

 First Day - Twosday Tuesdays, Preschool 1
 & 2 plus Further Fridays

 September 10  Pre-Enrollment Discounts Expire
 SUN, October 14  Sunday Sundaes (Ice Cream Social)
 November 22, 23  Thanksgiving Break - Closed
 December 24 - Jan 4  Christmas Break - Closed
 ----------------------  -------------------------------------------------

        * 2019 *

 January 8  Resume School from Christmas Break
 SUN, March 24  Music & Muffins
 Apr 1 - Apr 5  Spring Break - Closed
 Apr 9  Resume School from Spring Break
 SUN, May 19  Hotdogs & Happiness

 May 21
 May 23
 May 24

 Last Day for Twosday Tuesdays
 Last Day for Preschool 1 & 2
 Last Day for Preschool Futher Fridays


 Summer Break till September...

 June - Aug 2019

 Summer Camp 2019...

Class Days and Time

 Twosday Tuesdays  Tuesdays: 08:45-10:45am  (Sept-May)
 Preschool 1 (Age 3)
(2 Day Students)
 Tuesday and Thursday
8:45 - 11:45am  (Sept -May)
 Preschool 2 (Age 3/4)
(3 Day Students)
 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurday. (Fri. Available)
8:45 - 11:45am  (Sept-May)
 Further Fridays for P2  Fridays: 08:45-11:45 AM  (Sept-May)
 Summer Camp  Tuesday & Wednesday
9:00 - 11:30am (June - Aug) Click HERE!

Absences and Attendance

If your child will not be present when scheduled to attend,
please CALL THE SCHOOL @ (253) 473-4848.

Arrival and Departure

  • Children will be escorted in to the classroom about five to ten minutes before the session begins (no earlier, please)
  • Our safety policy requires that parents must sign their children in and out with a full signature, not initials.
  • Notify the teacher in writing if there are any changes in who is authorized to take your child from the preschool. 
  • Pick up your child promptly at the end of the class.

School Closure Policy

In case of bad weather, follow the Tacoma School District closures that are announced on the radio for full day closures.  If schools are two hours late, we will meet one hour late.  Classes missed because of bad weather will be made up after two days are missed per class.


We ask all parents to take turns supplying a nutritious, low-sugar treat.  A box of whole grain crackers, fruit, or juice for the whole class would be appreciated.

At times the preschooler will prepare their own snacks as a center activity. ** Check the Monthly Activity and Snack Chart for your turn. ** 

Table manners, social interaction in acceptable ways, and becoming acquainted with a variety of nutritious foods are some of the skills learned during snack time. 

Download the Monthly Activity and Snack Chart to see when it is your child's turn to bring snacks.

Here are some suggestions:

  Cheese slices  Bread sticks   Whole grain bread 
  Yogurt  Vegetables   Fruit
  Fruit juices , Milk  Bagels, Rice cakes  Crackers

Nutritious treats for your child’s birthday are welcome. Also, feel free to provide a snack from your cultural background. 

* Please bring snack ready to serve *

 Happy School, Happy Student!

Little Lambs Preschool 

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"I highly recommend Little Lambs Preschool as it was an investment in laying the foundation for a successful future."
- K. Vasel -

"Little Lambs Preschool is such an amazing place to take your children to learn, play, and grow. Class sizes are small... they move at the pace of the children, not the curriculum... teachers genuinely care about the kids..."
- K. Apple -

"My son ended up liking school thanks to the patience of the teacher... All staff are knowledge- able, caring, have a good attitude, giving, and are very involved with the kid's education... The school is a very positive environment."
- J. Zanabria -

"My Daughter was here for the 2016-2017 school year & she absolutely LOVED IT! ...really a nice place to send your little ones... Great Experience!"
- Mel -

" have taught me to understand and show more patience...It is refreshing to see teachers who show true love for their job and the students they have. I can't thank you all enough...Thank you for a wonderful year!"
- Natalie Bannister -

"The overall experience our child received this year was very good, positive, happy, helpful and developing...
- Liliya Linder -

"... our son has learned so much, grown so much, and loved it so much.  We can't thank you enough!  You have made a difference in our lives."
- Jenni Boran -

"Little Lambs has been an incredible home for our daughter. It is really exciting to watch her personal growth as she learns more and develops relationships with the other children and Staff."

"The Teachers are amazing and genuinely care for our children."

"Our Daughter loves her school days and is always really excited to come home and show us everything she has learned that day."
- Nichole Zeiler -

"The knowledge, patience, understanding and caring of Mrs. Huset, the preschool director, and the assistant teachers, Mrs. Tanner and Mrs. Long, made for an environment in which our son has thrived."

"The program is incredibly affordable, the space is bright, cheerful, CLEAN, and full of love and warmth."

"We were so happy to find that the school teaches our son what we believe to be the most important things in life: love, respect, caring, appreciation, patience, kindness..."
- Jenni B -

Full Reviews are available on our Testimonials page where you may write one of your own.

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